Raspberry Lemonade!

This raspberry lemonade is so refreshing, and best of all, it’s healthy! It is sweetened with honey instead of artificial sugar. Perfect drink to enjoy the last bits of summer!


The recipe is adapted from: https://thebusybaker.ca/easy-healthy-raspberry-lemonade/


– ½ cup fresh raspberries (packed)
– ½ cup fresh lemon juice, from 2 ½ lemons
– 3 tbsp honey (1 extra tbsp if you have more of a sweet tooth)
– ½ cup water
– 1 ½ cups water
– ice cubes
– fresh raspberries, lemon slices, mint
– optional: place serving glasses in the fridge before hand


1. Add the raspberries, lemon juice, and honey, along with ½ cup water to a blender (or small food processor) and blend on high speed until smooth.
2. Strain the mixture into a pitcher, in 3 intervals, while using the back of a spoon to help push out the juices and discard the raspberry seeds.
3. Pour the remaining 1 ½ cups of water into the pitcher and stir.
4. Fill the serving glasses with ice cubes, raspberries, lemon slices and mint.
5. Pour some raspberry lemonade on top.
6. Drink up and enjoy the super refreshing feeling!


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