Roasted grapes over warm brie sourdough

Roasted grapes over warm brie sourdough is simply a delicacy! I had never tried roasting grapes before but it’s an absolute revelation. They get slightly sweet and sticky like jam, and when paired with a crisp slice of sourdough, warm brie and a sprinkle of fresh thyme, it’s a whole new world of flavours! :’) The recipe that follows doesn’t have exact measurements, it’s basically a little bit or lot of each depending how many portions you want to make.


Recipe for Roasted grapes over warm brie sourdough:


– red grapes, still on stems
– olive oil
– slices of brie cheese
– slices of multigrain sourdough bread
– fresh thyme


1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
2. Line a baking tray with aluminum foil.
3. Place grapes on tray and drizzle lightly with olive oil.
4. Roast in the oven for 12-15 minutes.
5. On another tray lined with aluminum foil, place slices of bread and top with slices of brie cheese.
6. Roast breads + brie in the same temperature oven for 5 minutes.
7. Once the breads are out of the oven, sprinkle the tops with fresh thyme.
8. Top the toasted warm brie bread slices with roasted grapes.
9. Dig into this sheer pleasure delicacy… honestly one of the simplest most delicious things I have ever tasted in my life. I enjoyed mine with some tea and a good book! ❤



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