Vanilla Iced Coffee! <3

This vanilla iced coffee is THE ultimate luscious refreshing drink! It tastes just like a vanilla iced coffee you would buy at your favourite coffee shop, but can easily be recreated at home with just a few ingredients! The secret to a rich tasting iced coffee? Cream! I use milk in regular hot coffee or lattes, but when it’s a cold brew, 10% cream is the way to go! Try out the recipe below!


Recipe for Vanilla Iced Coffee:


– ¾ cup freshly brewed hot coffee (6 oz)
– ½ tbsp sugar
– ½ tbsp vanilla powder
– splash of 10 % cream (around 3-4 tbsp)
– large cup filled with ice cubes


1. In a glass measuring cup (or any other heat proof cup), mix the sugar, vanilla and coffee together.
2. Pour into ice filled cup.
3. Pour in the cream (watch the luscious beauty while it infuses!)
4. Stir it up and sip with delightful enjoyment!
5. Such an easy delicious recipe!


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